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About Fast Digital Marketing

Fast Digital Marketing is the brainchild of Thad Paschall, a U.S. Air Force veteran and Texas-native, whose entrepreneurial spirit and 25-year journey of triumphs have redefined the landscape of digital marketing. Thad’s visionary leadership has scaled businesses from ground-breaking ideas to industry leaders, with his path from launching a pioneering security company to mastering AI-driven digital marketing reflecting a relentless quest for excellence and innovation. His astute expertise in capital fundraising, boasting an impressive $800M in secured funding, and his flair for devising robust multi-channel digital marketing strategies have earned him a reputation as an industry-transforming titan.

At Fast Digital Marketing, inspired by Thad’s transformative leadership, we’re not just a marketing firm; we’re architects of growth. Thad’s entrepreneurial journey is marked by a notable achievement where an initial $50k investment in his security company led to an awe-inspiring $136 million exit. This feat underpins the expertise and innovative spirit Thad brings to Fast Digital Marketing. With over 25 years of building, scaling, and exiting companies, his entrepreneurial skills and marketing acumen are now the driving force behind our agency.

In the dynamic world of artificial intelligence, Thad has been at the forefront, collaborating closely with clients to harness AI’s potential to enhance operations, increase sales, and enrich customer experiences. As our CEO, he oversees AI automation, oversees dynamic digital marketing campaigns, and shapes strategic business initiatives, ensuring client relations and marketing technology implementations are top-notch.

Staying ahead of AI advancements, Thad is a prolific writer and authority on employing automation and machine learning for business growth. He is passionately involved in guiding clients to integrate AI tools across various departments, including marketing, customer service, HR, and beyond.

Select Fast Digital Marketing as your Growth Partner, where Thad Paschall’s legacy of success fuels our mission to propel your business to unprecedented heights. Let’s join forces to write the next chapter of your success story.