Lead Generation Services

Lead Generation Services

Lead Generation Services

Lead generation services and Lead generation strategy. We know what it’s like to be in your shoes. As a result, we have the skills and expertise to get the job done right. Our team can provide everything you need for an effective lead-generating campaign, including lead generation strategy, copywriting, design, implementation, and follow-up. Bla Bla, Bla right? I can keep writing this B.S BUT LET’S GET TO THE POINT. The BEST AND MOST QUALIFIED lead you can get is a Google Business Profile Lead. More than likely because you are reading this page you either don’t know what GBP is or you’re getting your ass kicked by your competitors. This is not paid advertising. These are free leads. You do invest in me to get you there, but it’s a hell of a lot cheaper than paying for ads. I should know my former DTC company paid Google a MILLION A MONTH for years. Crazy right? About 90% of the time when I research a market for a client even though the competitors are leading in Google 3 Pack more times than not it’s because they have a ton of reviews or have been in business for 20 years or have the keyword in their URL. They ARE NOT EVEN TRYING. They probably think they are ranking high because they are doing a bang-up job. WRONG! Listen, I have been doing this stuff for a long time, mostly for my own companies, and it brings me great joy to help my clients kick some ass and take their sales through the roof. I can even take a new company with no reviews and, as long as they are taking care of their customers and offering true value, get them ranked. It may take a little extra time because they are starting from zero, but it can be done!

I guess you can tell from reading this that you’re not going to hear a bunch of mumbo jumbo from me. I have been in the trenches for years and won some big and lost some big. That’s a story you will never believe. After I take your sales through the roof, and you buy me a nice bottle of bourbon I’ll tell you all about it!

The chances are if the words lead generation got your attention, and you’re reading this still you need my help. The chances are you probably have never built a company from scratch and sold it for 136 million either. If you have, that’s cool too, and we can trade stories or, should I say, nightmares? Lol. I’m no fancy pants born with a golden spoon in my mouth either, and I’m sure as hell not so smart I’m stupid either. I never went to college and was raised by a single mother who worked at Walmart and actually met Sam Walton on several occasions when he went into the store she was working at. She shopped at garage sales and then resold at her own garage sale way before the internet even existed. My point is she taught me an incredible work ethic so If I decide to take your company on, I will work my ass off to make you number#1, and I won’t be working for your competitor at the same time. I got a story about that also! Plus I don’t sleep saving that for when I die.

Digital marketing companies are a dime a dozen, and they are all number 1 right?. Yea, Digital marketing is in our company name, but it’s just because it’s a good keyword. We are more than just digital marketing. We are about the blood, sweat, and tears, sleepless nights, lost marriages, and every other sacrifice you can imagine it takes to build a successful company. In fact, I remember many a day when I was high on adrenaline from achievement, only to be in the pits of hell by the end of the day. MOST PEOPLE JUST SEE THE RESULTS OF YOUR SUCCESS BUT WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND THE SACRIFICE IT TOOK TO GET THERE. Being an entrepreneur can be a fing lonely world because no one else, but a fellow entrepreneur, can fully understand you. So, you see, I will not only help you be number 1 in your field, but I will also help you with the success and failures that will happen along the way.

In summary, it ain’t easy and there are only 24 hrs in the day which means I can only take on so many companies at a time. Set a time on my calendar below and let’s talk. After listening to your story along with your goals and objectives. I will tell you if I think I can help you, or I will tell you to let me take a few days and research your niche. I will also tell you if I don’t think I can help you.

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More Stuff

Started a company with 50k from savings and built it from scratch into a disruptive top 10 industry leader and sold it for $136,000,000. In a down economy

• Built a high-performing team of up to 1000 team members by attracting high-quality talent, recruiting, and onboarding the talent, and instituting ongoing mentorship and training programs

• Raised over $300M in funding from noteworthy investors. Created investment thesis, led presentations, and negotiated investment deals.

We help startups and established firms grow by improving their online presence and putting in place multi-channel marketing plans that pay off using robust technology and the right techniques. I also provide added value in the form of industry expertise, strategy formation, creative problem-solving, securing funding, and much more to set them up for success.

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